Why Choose Us | Baby Photo Contest

There are many reasons to choose Baby Photo Contest


We organise Baby Photo Contest every month. the main motive of the Contest is the Entertainment and connecting with family members and friends.


At the end of Contest we give prizes and E certificate to winners. Top 10 participants will be rewarded within the first week after completion of contest.


Cutebabes.in have their own secure voting system where you can vote in every 1 hour, We monitor each activity, if we found fake votes we can eliminate the participants with information.


We use multiple layers of voting protection by which your votes are safe from fake votes, we monitor your votes every time, So you don't need to worry about your votes, if we found any fake votes so we can eliminate that contestant at the end of contest.


There are many competitors on Cutebabes, You can view your competitors list each time, You can view top 10 participants list and accelerate your votes after checking competitors votes.

~ About Cute Babes Photo Contest ~

Baby Photo Contest is an online contest website. Where you can upload your Baby Photo and vote them in every hour . you can Participate free and earn the Gift Voucher and E-Certificates every month. The main motive of this website is Entertainment and connect you with your family members and friends. we select the winner at the end of the Contest. The winner will be awarded with the Gift Voucher and E-Certificates. we rewarded to the Top-10 participants where top-3 participants will get the Gift Voucher & E-Certificate and rest 7 participants will get the E-Certificate only. we organise contest every month. you may go through the Contest Rules page.

~Prize Distribution~

we rewarded gift & e-certificate to Top-10 Participants
Second Position

Second Position

Baby Photo Contest

Second Winner will be rewarded with the Amazon Gift Voucher(Rs. 700 - 3000 /-) and E-Certificate. the amount vary on votes.

Third Position

Third Position

Baby Photo Contest

Third Winner will be rewarded with the Amazon Gift Voucher(Rs. 500 - 2000 /-) and E-Certificate. the amount vary on votes.


  • Who we are?

    cutebabes.in is the website that organises a baby photo contest every month. Where you can upload your baby photo & Participate free and Earn the Gift Voucher and E-Certificates. The purpose of this website is just for entertainment. the winner will be select only with the public choice. The winner will be awarded the Prizes and E-Certificates. This website has been created for those people who have their interest in photography.

  • About Cutebabes.in Contests ?

    This is a photo contest’s website. Where you can freely participate and Earn the reward every month. The intention of this website is to choose the winner only with the public choice. The winner will be awarded the prize at the end of the contest. This is just an online medium in which you can measure your own quality. This website has been created for those people who are interested in photography.
    Every Month we organize baby photo contest. “This is the best platform for your social status. Those people getting the maximum like on his pic. Winners will get a gift hamper or Amazon Gift Voucher. The prizes will be splitting in the 1st, 2nd  and 3rd category!  registration is open”

  • How to Share Photo?

    It's very simple just click on Facebook, WhatsApp share icon or copy link from your baby photo and share to get max votes

  • How to Participate?

    It's very simple just click on the PARTICIPATE NOW button or UPLOAD PHOTO Button in the website. after click on the Button enter the details and upload your photo and Submit Photo Button. Finally, you have participated in CuteBabes.

  • About Photo Graphy ?

    “Photography is a great passion and a part of creative life which is a combination of science and art. Apart from this, this is a way of capturing your memories in the visual media and maintaining it for the future. If you also have a fascination about photography, you will find this post a pleasant experience, here we put the best photography status, short photography quotes and inspirational things for the entire time, which are the most preferred around the entire web. In addition, if you want to post something about photography on social media or make a caption  of your profile picture, these photo status will help you update your WhatsApp or Facebook status and increase your follower.”


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