Answer of all your questions about India’s “Mission Shakti” in space.

On Wednesday, India achieved superpower status in space, killing a satellite 300 kilometers away in the lower orbit of the earth. Indian scientists named this campaign as ‘Mission Shakti’. Learn how the scientists of the Indian Defense Research Organization (DRDO) gave the mission in just 3 minutes.

What was the mission power?

India today tested the anti-satellite missile from the APJ Abdul Kalam Island launch complex near Odisha coast (March 27). This was a kind of technical mission from the DRDO. The satellite, which was targeted for the missile test, is one of the satellites in India, which are already present in the lower orbit of the Earth. Under this test, DRDO has achieved all its set targets.

Fully domestic technology

India has completely accomplished this mission through indigenous technology. The anti-satellite missile was also home-made. With this test, India has joined the club of America, Russia, and China in terms of strength in space.

Which satellite was used?

In this mission, fully prepared anti-satellite missiles in India were used. In this, the DRDO’s ballistic missile defense interceptor was used.

Will there be any debris from this test from space?

The debris born from this test will fall on earth in the coming weeks, it will not spread in the sky. This will not harm the environment. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley cleared the press conference in three weeks this debris will be cleared automatically in three weeks.

Why did India test this?

India has long been successful in space. In the last 5 years, this speed has increased. The successful launch of Mangalyaan Mission has been done. After this, the government has also approved the Gaganayan Mission. India did it only after being fully trusted about the success of this test.

Did India join the arms race in space?

India has no intention of joining arms race in outer space. This was done only because no suspicious satellite could enter the Indian space limit. This will make it difficult for enemy countries to spy India. Apart from this, the security of India’s resources can be ensured in space.

Is this test against any country?
This test of scientists of the Indian Defense Research Organization is not against any country. India’s space capabilities are not against any country, nor do they have any strategic purpose.

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