Choose Your Career in These Creative Fields After 12th Century

Choose your favorite career in these fields

Most students have chosen their career options till tenth and twelfth. They decide what they have to do next. Nowadays students look at creative career options, not just for engineering or medical, but to the extent of their interests. Tell us about some similar field that will be of interest to you and your growth can also be good.

Animation and Graphics

With the development of technology, demand for skilled graphic designers has increased. Information about technology and your creativity will help you move forward in this. After 12th, you can graduate in graphic designing, graphic arts or visual communication. After this you can find a good career in entertainment industry or gaming.

Ethical Hacking

Data protection is a big issue both in the public and private sector sectors. Demand for Ethical Hackers has increased in IT Sectors. This should be information about c ++, Java, computer network, cyber system.

Journalism and Media

In this area, students have increased in the last few years. Apart from journalism, you can also choose areas like Radio Jockey, Documentary film maker.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays the whole market has shifted online. In such a case, it is very important to keep any company online presence. Understanding online consumer behaviors and making marketing strategies according to them is the most important work of this field. For this, you should have Creative and Critical Thinking, Communication, Analysis. No special degree is important in this field. You can search engine optimization or Google Analytics short term course.

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