Know what to eat and what not according to blood group

what to eat according to blood group

People should take various types of research to get fit and how to do it. To get a body like syllables, they spend a lot of money from workouts to food. But do you know which foods and which suits your body will have a deep connection with your blood group?

Follow Genotype diet

According to your blood type, what is the risk of genotype diets, this concept has been developed by Diet Guru Dr. Peter D. Adamo. So let’s know that according to your blood group, Best Diet and Exercise

Blood type A or AB-The Warrior

Warrior Young Age usually has long legs and thin figures, but by the age of 40, his body starts getting slow. Because of this, their weight increases, metabolism starts to slow and old age is also coming soon. They may also have problems related to fertility and diabetes at the later age. Those who have such bulldog group should not eat cereals, breads and microwave mes in breakfasts like glycemic indexed mile and processed food. Warriors should include seafood, fish oil and protein rich food in their diet instead of meat. For exercises, they should be running, walking and swimming.

Blood type B-the gadder (collector)

The people of this blood group are full-figures, and like the warrior they also have the risk of diabetes in the latter form. There are frequent fluctuations in their body weight. Such people should consume lean protein like chicken, turkey, eggs and fish. They should mince white bread and pasta in their diet and pay attention to Regular Exercise. Walking and swimming are also good options.

Blood type A-The teacher (teacher)

People of this type of blood are usually strong and flexible. Their weight is average and weight is reduced. Their metabolism is high. They may have problems related to stomach and digestion but they can keep themselves healthy when they are healthy diet manufactures. These people should have plenty of fish, nuts, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables. Maintaining distance from the meat is good for them. Yoga is good for people of this blood group to keep themselves in shape.

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