Nutritional food for children’s

Healthy food is extremely important for the physical and mental development of children. By eating healthy, the children remain energetic and the children’s brains grow faster. Family members can also add healthy eating habits to children. In such a situation, it is very important that children should be made aware of the good and bad aspects of every meal so that children will become a habit of good and good eating habits since childhood.

Healthy foods for children
For the full growth of children, it is necessary that we follow such a diet which will give children full nutrition (nutritious food for children). Diet plans given below can also be followed for this.

Fruits and vegetables: – Two servings per day. Fruit and vegetables can also be given as snacks. Apart from this, vegetable soup can also be made. The amount of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables is high. Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy skin, good growth, development, and infection. Vegetables are rich in fiber, in which vitamins A, C, and micronutrients like magnesium and potassium are found. Vegetables also contain antioxidants which give the body the ability to fight diseases. Food rich in vitamin B is whole grains, meat, and dairy products.

Whole grains: – 4 servings per day. Under this, children can be given Wheat Pen Cake, Multigrain Toast, Wheat Bread Sandwich, Brown Rice etc. Other whales can also be given to the children in a tasty form. Cereals, cereal flour, corn, and wheat rotis can be given etc.

Protein:- Two servings throughout the day. Encourage the children to take various protein foods such as eggs, fish, chicken, baked beans and pulses.

Milk and dairy products: – Three servings per day. Add paneer, curd, halwa made from milk etc. Children can also be given full cream milk.

Vitamins and Minerals: – Consult the doctor once for the supply of vitamins and minerals. Better counseling can be found in accordance with the child’s weight and age.

Iron: Iron is an important mineral for blood production. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron. A portion of children’s daily diet should be of green vegetables.

Harmful effects of junk food

Children are attracted to junk food early but it is very important for children to tell that junk food does not help the body in any sense. Children should be given the same food that is full of nutrients. Good nutrients help prevent obesity, weak bones etc.

Healthy Fat is Important

– Polly non-saturated fat with omega-3 and omega-6. It is found in fish, corn, soybean, flax seeds, and walnuts etc.
Trans fat is found in toffee, chocolate, baked foodstuffs, biscuits etc.
Monounsaturated fat, which is found in plants such as canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil and dried fruits like almonds, almonds and poultry and sesame seeds.

Reduce sugar intake
Add frozen fruits and vegetables to the house and mix them in children’s drinks. Prepare fresh juices for children at home.
– Make a habit of feeding children by making any food-rich food less delicious.
– Prevent children from taking artificial sugar, such as artificial drinks, juices etc.
Keep children away from processed foods such as white bread and cakes etc.

Reduce salt intake
– Keep children away from restaurants, processed and packed food. Such foods contain sodium which harms children.
– Provide fresh fruits and vegetables in place of canned vegetables and fruits.
– Feed fewer potato chips, finger chips etc.
– There is 2300 mg sodium in a T-spoon spoon. In such cases, give less salt to the children.

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