ISLAMABAD, March 28 (AFP) A Pakistani minister made objectionable remarks on the US Ambassador to Kabul in a high-level diplomatic dispute over Twitter regarding peace talks between the United States and the Taliban. The Pakistani minister blamed the US ambassador for being a little algorithm and gave him the term “Little Pigmy”. After more than 17 years of attack on Afghanistan, America is looking for a way out. This phenomenon underlines the delicate balance of regional tension. It started when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan suggested for the establishment of an interim government in Afghanistan, so that the process of dialogue can be done smoothly. The Prime Minister of Pakistan on Monday made this comment in a brief conversation with local journalists on Monday. Khan’s remarks raised controversy in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has long been blaming Pakistan’s intelligence services for the support and training of the Taliban in the country. Afghanistan had called back its ambassador to Pakistan on Tuesday and Pakistan’s Foreign Office on Wednesday did not try to dilute this comment of Khan. He said that his statement was kept beyond the context … which led to an unexpected response. “However, soon after, US Ambassador in Afghanistan John Bass made a tweet, in which the captain of Pakistan’s World Cup winning cricket team Khan’s remarks on the days of Imran Khan and the involvement of Pakistani players in the fraudulent scandal in the game. Shri. In the tweet, he wrote, “Some aspects of cricket can be used better in diplomacy but nothing can happen. It is important to stop the greed of the ball-tamper (ball tampering) with Imran Khan’s “Afghanistan peace” process and its internal affairs. “Pakistanis flayed after a foreign ambassador insulted his leader and him Against Twitter’s response to the obvious. Among those who responded on this tweet to the US Ambassador, Khan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazzarie was also the one who addressed the American ambassador in his tweet “Little Pigmy”. Shireen tweeted US Ambassador Jalwa Khalilzad, who led the peace talks, “You are clearly” Little Pigmy “. The less you know about ball-tampering, the lesser is the glimpse of Afghanistan and the region too! Obviously, in your case, ignorance is certainly not the reason for any happiness! This is an indication of the tragic crisis of the Khalilzad style! “When Shirin was accused of violating diplomatic rules on Twitter, the minister reversed it too. In response to criticism, he wrote, “Ha ha! Hate hate hate! But seriously tell what the diplomatic norms are? The US Ambassador violates it every day from water to the lesser person! “AFP Surabhi Manisha Dilipadilip

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