The reward is more and less every month, based on your votes. The more votes you have, the more prices you can get, it’s based on voting. Please read all details carefully to get the Prize & E-certificate.
Top 3 Contestants will be declared as the winner every month & Top 3 will be Added to our Result page for permanent.

Top 3 Participants will be rewarded with Prizes Or Gift hampers by CuteBabes for Every contest, Winners & Rest of the 17 entries will get E-Certificates. Check the top 20 list for more details.

Our Pricing details for top 3

-1st Prize – Amazon ( shopping voucher(Up to Rs. 250 to 1500 based on Voting) + E-certificate
-2nd Prize – Amazon ( shopping voucher(Up to Rs. 250 t 1000 based on Voting) + E-certificate
-3rd Prize- Amazon ( shopping voucher(Up to Rs. 250 to 750 based on Voting) + E-certificate.

Rest 17 Entries – Only E-certificate

Why We Conduct Cute Baby Photo Contest?

You also know that this contest is only for entertainment and, of course, we do not take the money from the registration of any participant, it is free, And this reward is just a small honor for babies. And our purpose connecting you with your family and friends. We think all children are god gift, all children are beautiful, No one is less beautiful, and we don’t charge.

About Prize

Our prize detail section is updated monthly. Here you can see the prize details for each monthly contest. The gift items are very on a monthly basis. The E-Certificates are the electronic version of winning certificates for the winners. We will send two copies of E-Certificate in your registered email, One copy is in PDF format with which you can take a printout of E-Certificates on some photo paper if you want to frame it & hang on your baby room, Second copy is in PNG format so that you can post it on social media to amaze your social circle.

Note: – Top 3 participants must fulfill the criteria to get prizes & reward

  1. To get E-certificate all top 20 contestant must have more than 1000+ votes
  2. Only Top-3 Contestant will be rewarded as a winner.
  3. Participant must have at least 1000+ Votes to get the E-certificate, then you must eligible for the E-certificate. If you do not have more than 1000 votes then you will not get an e-certificate.
  4. In order to win first place in the competition, the participant must have more than 5000+ votes.
  5. To win second place, the participant must have more than 3000+ votes.
  6. To win Third place in the competition, the participant must have more than 2000+ votes.
  7. If a participant does not fall within the voting criteria, then the participant will have to achieve at least 2000+ in order to become a winner. And these winners will be awarded voluntary reward.
  8. If the votes of the top 3 participants are between 2000 and 3000 then only the first top winner will get the price of the third place.
  9. The value of the prize money has not been ensured in advance. Do not participate in the greed of reward.
  10. Winner will be selected on the behalf of final votes.