Seeing face at China airport is telling how long your plane will be go?

Seeing face at China airport

When the face recognition technology was launched in the world of mobile phones, there was a stroke in the world. Moving person, who never gave attention to his face, immediately felt that the person’s face was kept in a lot of time, in the time of the future. China . Yes, the only country that is running 10-20 years ahead of the world. The race is not even going to be. Still running alone-alone. He again made a similar effort to say that brother China is running in 3019.
Twitter user Matthew Brennan shared a video. It is known that face recognition technology has been installed at China’s airport. Show the face to know the full state of the flight. The full information on the screen will be found. While the world is still installing this technology in the phone, China has even installed it on the doors. Make a fight.

Surety proof  if This video is:

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