Some Ayurvedic Health Tips For Healthy Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, made up of many different components, including protein, lipids, minerals, chemicals, and water. The average weight of the skin is six pounds. The skin has a major role in your better health because the skin is the reason that you avoid external infections and invasions of microbes i.e. the germs.

You must be surprised to know that your skin rejuvenates itself every 27 days. Therefore, skin care is essential to maintain health. Over time our changes in the skin begin to appear. If you want to protect your skin from the effects of aging, then take a healthy diet and avoid high sunlight. The reason for these changes is not just aged. Incomplete nutrition, sunlight rays, tension, and pollution also spoil the skin and cause wrinkles.

Drink veggies and beetroot juice
Vegetable juice where there is lack of water in the body, the antioxidant also gives it. Drink the juice of at least one glass of vegetables daily. Beetroot juice is also good for the skin as well as cleaning the liver. If the toxic elements are accumulating in the liver, its effect also appears on the skin. Healthy skin is essential for a healthy liver. Mixing carrots, tomatoes, and beetroot juice are good for both skin and liver.

Eat green vegetables
To keep skin away from the problem of acne, definitely, include dark vegetables and vegetables in your diet; The use of these will enhance the skin in pink, which will make you attractive.

Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants, which also solve the problem of anti-aging on the skin with Sunburn problem.

Take Vitamin C (Take Vitamin C)
By rubbing half lemon on the skin, you can give vitamin K supplements directly to the skin. Ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy vitamins present in the skin. Lemon juice compensates for this loss. It keeps moisture in the skin to prevent wrinkles and aging from time to time.

Take care
About 15-20 minutes daily is enough. It reduces stress, keeps hormones balanced and reduces blood pressure, which makes your skin look good too.

Drink almond milk
Vitamin D is obtained from milk and protein and almonds. It also benefits the skin with other parts of the body. Dermatologists say that drinking empty milk can cause acne. It is better to drink almond milk in milk.

Get enough sleep
Just do not sleep for sleeping. get plenty of sleep. This will keep the mind calm and the weight will also be controlled. When you sleep, new collagen forms in the skin, which do repair free-radical damage.

Bathed with cold water
Bathe with cold water, or take five minutes of shower and moisturize the skin within three minutes.

Do exercise
Regular exercise is the most important for good health. Moving or jogging, improving blood circulation, reducing excess fat and even skin toxic substances.

Precautions to make your skin healthy

A low-fat diet also leads to loss
To get a slim trim, it is ok to take a low-fat diet, but not for skin. This kind of diet reduces the brightness of the skin. Actually, fat is needed to keep the skin healthy and moist.

The health of the skin is also threatened by less sleep
The skin is revived in the night. Therefore it is very important to take at least eight hours of sleep every day. According to research, taking a little sleep stimulates the process faster, so get enough sleep.

Hot water bath
Do not bath with warm water Hot water weakens the skin cells, causing the skin to get damaged.

Stress has a negative effect on your skin. Taking more stress causes aggravating problems. Under the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles are visible on the face.

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