Women’s Heart Problem – Heart Disease in Women

heart disease

According to the current global data, about 17.3 million people die every year due to cardiovascular diseases. According to the World Health Organization, about 8.6 million of these women are women. In today’s race-filled life, women spend most of their time looking for professional careers and are unable to pay attention to their health due to which they become victims of heart disease.

Some tips on how to Avoid Heart Disease – Prevention of Heart Disease

Women should take special care of their cholesterol levels. The chances of heart disease increase in cholesterol-enhancing women.

To avoid heart disease, your health should be regularly checked. This kind of problem is known only at the beginning, although some precaution can also prevent heart disease. are the following:

If you are obese then try to stop your growing weight by physical activities and eat only nutritious food in the diet. Use antioxidant fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrot, peach, and berries in the food.

If you smoke, leave immediately because it is likely to cause high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

There is no shortage of breath. Apart from this, it is also a symptom of heart disease and chronic pain in the head.

The first symptom of heart disease is that it causes pain in the middle of the chest, and then closes after some time and then starts again.

The person feels uncomfortable, in addition to chaos and pain in one or both hands, pain in the back, neck, jaw or stomach is also the symptoms of heart disease.

Checking heart diseases in women

Indus Health Plus is a company that offers health checkup to prevent cardiovascular disease and many other deadly diseases. Through services provided by Indus Health, you can get your full health check from time to time and take care of overall health along with your heart.

According to doctors, people older than 30 years of age should have regular health check-ups. Many companies in the market offer special packages to check heart disease.

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